Welcome to my website. I write poetry, novels and short stories, and non-fiction. You can find details here of my published work, and sample poems and extracts.  Go to the poetry page for details of my latest books, Downpour and Rubaiyat for the Martyrs of Two Wars.

(I also work as a funeral celebrant. My other website, www.thewhitechair.co.uk will give you more information).


Meantime here’s a preview my new long poem, A Grenfell Alphabet, to be published in late August.  All proceeds will go to the Grenfell Tower fund at Kensington & Chelsea Foundation.


Floor 1

In the burning high-rise hive there are alphabets,

Arabic Tamil Ge’ez, there are apricots

brought from the market

today for their flame soft skin, and animals,

real animals, a jerbil, a terrapin

its tank-water heating up

don’t think of that.



Floor 2

Think instead about birthday-cards, a shelf

with a whole year of good wishes, and books of course,

school-books, novels, encyclopaedias

left by a grandfather, Haynes manuals,

gardening books for the allotment farmers,

books printed in faraway alphabets,

Hindi Cyrillic Chinese, yes, lots of books.