Black Lives Matter, and are in danger, in the UK as well as the US.

Here is my poem in memory of Belly Mujimba, who died after being spat at by a man who claimed to have Covid-19.  The British Transport Police said there was no case to answer, but under pressure have now referred it to the Crown Prosecution Service.


i.m. Belly Mujimba

It was a morning of simplicity and fear.

The light woke

a few minutes earlier, stretched its wings.

Coffee relaxed in the arms of boiling water,

released its scent to the room where a teenager

sang a new tune.

In the shower the water caught and released rainbows.

A man filled his pockets

a wallet a travelcard some change a phone.

A woman was brushing down her work jacket.

Out on the street buses with half a dozen

faces in masks.  Delivery vans. Few cars.

It was a day of normality and fear.

The light filtered itself across the tiled

floors of the station.  The names of small towns floated

like dust in a streak of sun and disappeared.

No, it wasn’t the daylight that insisted

they meet that morning,

not day but fear,

stealthily, from the cold of the small hours,

stilling its trembling, fear

brought the busy man

to the woman anxious efficient in uniform,

anger and fear

hand in hand for courage, chanting

it’s only a woman

only a woman in company uniform,

a Black woman.

He gives breath and spit to his anger

curses her.

His day

wipes its mouth, sets off,

take-away coffee, free newspaper.

Light, horrified,

follows him from the station,

turns, sees her weeping.

Light woke

a few minutes early again.

The man cleaned his teeth,

drank coffee.  What is he saying

to his colleagues this morning,

as the policewoman stares at the CCTV footage,

as the teenage girl

in her aunt’s flat now, turns in her bed and hears

the radio recounting

her mother’s death.

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